Saturday, April 23, 2016

April Showers 2016

It's time again for the April Showers that bring May flowers! I decided this year to set up an April Shower tea table in my parlor.

My centerpiece is flowers set in glasses of water tucked into these children's rain boots. I added a small brass watering can and used a teapot with a gardening theme.

I love the flower pots on top of this teapot.

Even a trowel on the back!

The tea cups have butterfly handles and a butterfly motif.

Some bright floral napkins with dragonfly napkin rings complete the table.

Here's a view of the tea table in my parlor bay window.

Happy 90th Birthday, Queen Elizabeth II !

I had a really busy week, but I couldn't let such a mementos occasion pass uncelebrated!

On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday, I realized that I had bought some napkins at Sur La Table a while back. Of course, I have Spode china in the appropriate colors of the British flag, so I had a celebratory tea in honor of Her Majesty! Here is a little vignette featuring Spode Pink Tower and Spode Blue Italian china.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Preservation Celebration Tablescape

I finally got my Easter decorations put up and my house always seems a little bare without holiday decorations. Now, bare is not a word most folks would use for my Victorian decorating style, but I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder!

Preservation NC had asked a while back if we would open our house during their Preservation Celebration in our town and we are always glad to help them out! They showcased both commercial and residential properties, some restored and some in need of restoration. Of course, I set my table in the Dining Room for the tour. Here are some shots of my Dining Room and table with no theme or holiday - a rarity for me!

I used a burgundy tablecloth, gold chargers, Spode Pink Tower dishes with various stemware, gold napkins with dark red napkin rings and gold edged stainless flatware.

I used my cream soups for this table. I really love cream soup bowls!

Red and white azaleas in a silver wine cooler make up my centerpiece. I added ivory tapers to my silver candleabras to complete the table. I also used red and white azaleas on the mantle.

This room is very hard for me to photograph because of the light, but here is a shot looking into the room from the foyer.

Here is a view of the room looking toward the door that leads to the Butler's Pantry.

Here is a view of the room looking toward the foyer.

My house was built in 1883 and we restored it to try to resemble a dining room in the 1880's. Our wallpapers are by Bradbury & Bradbury and a reproductions of actual historic wallpapers.

A few more shots from the tour - this is my Foyer. Magenta and White Formosa Azaleas in my epergne and more Bradbury and Bradbury wallpapers.