Monday, September 8, 2014

♪♫ The Sound of Music! ♫♪

First of all, let me repairs/renovations on my kitchen, butler's pantry, laundry room and sunroom are getting close to being finished, but are still not quite done. All of the "stuff" from those rooms are all over the rest of my house, so tablescaping has not been possible for me, but I will return!

I have been decorating tables other than my own though!

Last Friday night my church sponsored an event to raise money for 5 mission programs. The event was called "An Evening with Dan Truitte." Dan played Rolf in the movie "The Sound of Music" and he is still a wonderful entertainer! I was on the decorating committee.

The evening was at one of our country clubs and we had about 36 tables to decorate. We decided to get as many local roses as possible and decorate with Raindrops on Roses and all of "My Favorite Things."

Nine of our green-thumbed friends contributed about 30 dozen roses from their yard! We put them in small glass vases and put the vases in brown paper bags and tied them with string/twine. Each table had a mirror in the center with roses tied up with string and we surrounded each of these with acrylic "raindrops." We put votive around this for a dreamy candlelight effect.

Red and white are the colors of the Austrian flag, so we used white tablecloths and red napkins.

Outside the country club, an Austrian flag greeted our guests!

The country club had sunflower wreaths on their doors and we hung paper dancers in dirndl and lederhosen - not exactly Rolf and Liesl, but close!

In the foyer, we had a few of our "favorite things" on display - see if you can spot: Bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens, cream colored ponies, white dresses with blue satin sashes, brown paper packages tied up with string......

We saved the longest stemmed roses for the foyer.

A member of our committee had this toddler size doll and I had a toddler sized lederhosen.

My very old Madame Alexander dolls came in handy. I even tucked some snowflake ornaments in later, but never got pictures of them! Our meal was delicious and ended with, of course, "crisp apple strudel!"

One of our friends even brought her "Maria" jacket and hat!

Some of the children from our church started the evening singing Do Re Mi.

Then Dan entertained us by singing, dancing and telling stories.

He was a hit with fans of all ages!

It was so much fun we hated to say "So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night!"

It was a truly magical evening for a wonderful cause! I had so much fun working with my committee members, Anna, Barbara, Marilyn and Susan! And thanks to my friend Mary for letting me use some of her pictures!