Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spring Fling at Church

Well - my kitchen and butler's pantry renovation is progressing, but I still don't have my dining room back. This is really driving my inner tablescaper crazy!!! To keep in practice and keep my blog alive, I am going to share pictures of an event from my church that was held in April.

We have a luncheon to honor the older members of our church each spring which we call the Spring Fling. This year I was the chairman of the event. Our committee decided our theme would be "Old Fashioned Southern Dinner." We prepared ten tables for eight.

We chose the pretty Springy yellow tablecloths that the church had and colorful paper place mats at each seat. I got a mixture of colorful napkins with white stripes from Target and made faux daffodil napkin rings. I bought stems of daffodils from Michaels and used a wire cutter to take them apart. Then I wrapped each mini-stem around my finger to make a napkin ring.

For a touch of whimsy, we put a colorful pattered drink straw (also from Target) at each place. Since it was Spring, we had lots of flowers from our yards, which I supplemented with a few grocery store bouquets. One of the officers of our church is a wonderfully talented floral arranger and she did our centerpieces. We surrounded each centerpiece with magnolia leaves, of course! We used the church's porcelain plates and stainless. Some on my committee wanted to use paper and plastic, but two of us insisted on using "real" plates and flatware and honestly, the clean-up was not that bad!

Here is the centerpiece for our dessert table.

  Our menu was fried chicken, butter beans, sweet potato casserole, fresh baked biscuits served with butter and strawberry jam and grape jelly. All of the officers of the church made either deviled eggs or dessert and some of us made both!

We had enough deviled egg plates to have one at each table. Here are two of mine. When I was in college and moved to an apartment, my grandmother made sure we had a deviled egg plate. A few months later, she gave me another deviled egg plate for my apartment. I told her that was sweet, but that we already had one plate. I'll never forget her pearl of wisdom - "You can NEVER have too many deviled egg plates!"  Words I have lived by!!!

The Spring Fling was a BIG success! Everyone had a good time - the tables looked pretty, the food was delicious, but the fun and fellowship was the best part!