Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Presidents' Day

Monday is Presidents' Day and I am celebrating with White House China. I have shared my centerpiece before (CLICK HERE), but last year I was able to add to my collection!

Below is my ornament tree with the miniature White House China Plate ornaments. The tree is actually resting on a Dessert  Plate in the James Monroe pattern.

This is a Dessert Plate in the George Washington pattern. The center has Martha Washington's monogram and the snake swallowing its tail symbolizes perpetuity. All the Original 13 Colonies are listed in links of a chain around the rim.

This is a Dessert plate in the Benjamin Harrison pattern. I love the gold corn against the navy rim.

This Dessert Plate below is in the Abraham Lincoln Pattern. This is the service used in his first term of office. The reddish purple band is in a colored called Solferino which was evidently all the rage in the 1860's.

This pattern below is in the Ulysses S. Grant pattern. The American artist William E. Seaton worked with the French firm Haviland to create a pattern which displayed different American wildflowers on the different serving pieces.

The dessert plate below is in the James K. Polk pattern. I love the turquoise rim. James K. Polk was an alum of my alma mater, the University of North Carolina and his wife, Sarah Polk was an alum of my daughters' alma mater, Salem College.

My last pattern is in the Thomas Jefferson pattern. In the center is his monogram "TJ" and the fleur-de-lis borders reflect his time as Foreign Minister to France.

I hope you have a wonderful Presidents' Day Weekend!

I will be sharing this with Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps of the Porch.