Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy Birthday, George Washington!

 Yes, I know we had Presidents' Day last week (my Presidents' Day tablescape is HERE), but today is George Washington's real birthday!

In my husband's study, he has an old print of the unfinished portrait by Gilbert Stuart. We both remember these portraits hanging in our elementary schools growing up.

Here is the George Washington White House China.
Martha Washington's monogram is in the middle, surrounded by a chain with the names of the 15 states. The snake swallowing its tail represents perpetuity. The Latin motto in the Sunburst means, "Honor and Defense come from it." The original service was made in Canton and was a gift from the East India Company in 1796.

The matching tea cup and saucer.

And lastly, the ornament in the Washington pattern.

How will you celebrate our first President's birthday? How about a cherry pie?

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