Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fourth of July Food Friday

Thank you Gollum for hosting Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum!

For this Foodie Friday, it is Fourth of July Desserts. These are pictures from last year, but I will make the same desserts this weekend - It's a tradition.

Blueberry cobbler is our traditional dessert on the Fourth. When I first started making it, I was torn between the pastry type of cobbler and the crumble type of cobbler. I usually did a bit of this and that and never wrote the recipe down. Last year on Recipezaar, I found a recipe for a pastry/crumble hybrid blueberry cobbler and thought I would try it. It used orange juice and lemon zest, which I had never used before in my cobbler and I have to admit we liked the addition. The recipe calls for dumplings instead of pastry strips like I had always used, so I felt free to still use pastry strips - in fact I used already made pie crust dough. Thank you Pillsbury Dough Boy! Click for the recipe: Blueberry Cobbler

Here are some pictures - Not pictured but always a hit - Vanilla Ice Cream on top!!!


I also made Red Velvet Cupcakes which were a hit (and of course I had to decorate them a bit!) Click here for the Recipe Red Velvet Cupcakes


I hope you all have a Happy Fourth of July! :D Jewel
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