Friday, February 17, 2017

Presidents' Day 2017

To celebrate Presidents' Day I always get out my Woodmere White House china. Luckily, I have added to my collection this last year! 

I have given very detailed histories of these patterns in past Presidents' Day blog posts, that you can find HERE.

For this post, I will just give you the names of the Presidents.

James K. Polk Dinner and Dessert Plate

Thomas Jefferson Dinner and Dessert Plate

Abraham Lincoln Dinner and Dessert Plate

George Washington Dinner and Dessert Plate

Benjamin Harrison Dessert Plate on top of.....

Andrew Jackson Dinner Plate

Ulysses S. Grant Dessert Plate on top of...

Franklin Pierce Dinner Plate

So far, no new additions! But on my centerpiece, I have 3 new ornaments, thanks to eBay!

That makes 10 ornaments I now own!

I got 3 new Dessert plates over the last year:

The James Buchanan Dessert Plate - all I can find about this pattern is that it was likely a set that Mr. Buchanan owned privately and was the everyday pattern used in the White House. For State Dinners, he used the Franklin Pierce china

The Dolley Madison Dessert Plate - Real pieces of the Madison china are very rare since they were in the White House during the War of 1812 when the city of Washington was burned. I am surprised at how "modern" this pattern looks!

The John Quincy Adams Dessert Plate - this pattern was produced in France and believed to have been obtained by the Adams when they were living abroad before he became president. This was the pattern they used for their everyday meals and they used the James Monroe china for State Dinners.

Here they all are on the wicker tea cart with my Presidential Teapot and Pitcher. These items have a picture of every president from George Washington to Lyndon Johnson.

Here are the last two dessert plates I own: the Zachary Taylor in blue and the James Monroe with the burgundy border. Also on this table are a teapot and cup and saucer in a pattern called "Mount Vernon," a trinket box and cup and saucer in George Washington's White House pattern, a tiny Washington plate and a book called "Dining with the Washingtons."

I hope you have a wonderful Presidents' Day even if you don't get the day off! 

I will be sharing this with Between Naps on the Porch.

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